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  • With My Intention: One of a Kind
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Our intention is to create, inspire and enlighten.


Welcome to With My Intention, where we help you accessorize for a purposeful lifestyle. We have a large range of beautiful one-of-a-kind items available, whether you’re looking for handmade gemstone necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Our handmade jewelry is crafted by experienced and passionate artisans, who put their creativity and love into each piece. We hand select each of our stones when adding them to our broad collection that includes amber, aventurine, amethyst, jade, garnet, pearl, coral, tiger eye, quartz, onyx and so much more.

After selecting our stones we sage them and incorporate a series of rituals to insure every stone is positively charged and ready to transmit it’s natural healing properties. We want you to enjoy the beauty and energy of the stones and the qualities they bring that can enrich your life.