About Us

Our Intention is to Create, Inspire and Enlighten

We sell jewelry, art, apparel and everyday objects, specially selected to bring your INTENTIONS to life. We are excited to offer a large range of products specifically selected to enhance intentional lifestyles and positive energies.

With My Intention jewelry serves as a tool to help you manifest your desiresWe connect and educate people to the healing properties of gemstones and intention supportive tools. We believe that there is a tool for every part of your spiritual journey.


Meet the Jewelry Designer  


Hi, I am Jay. I have always had a love for semi-precious gemstones. My passion for jewelry begins with my earliest memories where I would play for hours in my grandmother's jewelry box, which was filled with colorful jewelry. I keep my grandmother's jewelry box in my studio for inspiration. I've always been intrigued by how women adorn themselves. Jewelry is such a beautiful & expressive art form. I hand pick each stone used in our designs and use materials from around the world. My passion is making quality jewelry available to women that they will love and help manifest their desires. I believe people will gravitate towards the gemstones they need to create and support balance within their own mental, spiritual, and physical lives. When designing handmade gemstone jewelry pieces, this passion is reflected in my designs. I focus on the healing properties of each stone. Because natural gemstones can stand alone as a work of art, handcrafted gemstone jewelry has the ability to make a statement, no matter how simple the design. I don't like to complicate my designs, as I don't want to take away from the natural beauty of the semi-precious gemstones. As an artist, using what is naturally beautiful is such a gift, and I enjoy using my creativity to showcase that beauty in the most simple way. With My Intention gemstone jewelry is a collection of one-of-a-kind and a few limited edition handcrafted gemstone jewelry pieces.